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PHOTOTHERAPY has been used to treat medical conditions for over 3,500 years. Also known as Light Therapy or LED

(Light Emitting Diodes)

We have customized our frequencies for maximum benefits. These are not "off-the-shelf' generic tools.

We offer a variety of Light Therapy products from Facial Masks to portable Light Panels, specialty Light Therapy Bulbs , and our flagship home and commercial spa unit....your Light Therapy options depend on your health and wellness goals.

Introducing our newest product pictured above is our RD30 RED and RD30 Blue Bulbs in different wavelengths to assist in your Healing Treatments.

We believe in adhering to strict quality and performance guidelines, which is why our products are tested for quality.

We have customized products for Testosterone Boosting, Pain Management Assists with Neurodegenerative Disorders.

Over 20 years experience healing as a former Registered Massage Therapist and specialize now in Phototherapy also known as LED Light Therapy (Light Emitting Diodes) to help improve a health condition, skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, Vitiligo, Itchy skin, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or other health conditions and more that is safe, effective, non-invasive natural healing therapies and have helped hundreds of people since 2019.

To Learn more...What Is Phototherapy? – Sam Chi Health

A Referral from your Family Physician is required to be covered under MSP.

If you do not have a Family Physician, Please contact Vass Integrated Wellness for a referral.

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